We Can Expacted And Proudly Feel

  • Master Skills That Create The Value And Excitement You expect of Handmade Product .
  • All your products are 100% made in India .
  • Ensure your food and beverage products look their best with superset high glasses .
  • Available in small lots .
  • Our company make it everything in glass.

Step 1

Raw Material

The main components come from nature.

  • Boric
  • Silicon
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Fresh Glass

Step 2


The mixture is melted in furnaces at a temperature of arround 1650c , converting the mixture of raw material into malten glass.

When it comes out of the kiln, it is cut into malten Glass “tube” of a certain weight.

Step 3


The glass tube are placed in moulds where they are blown into the desired container shape.

Step 4

Annealing Chest

To ensure the solidity of the glass baked furnace the are placed in an annealing chest where they are cooled in a slow and controlled manner.

Step 5

Quality Control

Every single pack is subjected to strict automated Quality controls. Defective packaging is melted again in the furnace.

Step 6


The package are Tharmakol box and customer in the best possible conditions.

Step 7


The package are hermetically sealed so that they rách the customer in the best possible condition

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